Prosthetic Waterproof Leg Protection

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The Dry Pro™ is the only prosthesis protector with the patented watertight vacuum seal.  The Dry Pro™ fits snug yet comfortable during a shower, a bath and even an active swim. Unlike "modified garbage bag" products, our patented vacuum sealed product cannot come off, you can't even pull it off!  The Prosthetic Dry Pro™ is made of durable high quality surgical latex and carries a one year guarantee. Jump in the pool!  Play in the waves at the beach! Shower or bathe repeatedly with ease!

Quick and Simple Prosthesis Protection, with the Dry Pro™ for a Prosthetic! If you have a prosthetic arm or leg you will find it quicker and simpler to use Pro-Pump™ protector as a waterproof prosthetic cover than removing your prosthesis. Also, with your lower extremity prosthesis in place, protected by the Dry Pro™ waterproof prosthetic cover, you will now be able to stand comfortably in the shower, a pool, or the ocean.